Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hayden turned eight this year. He had the opportunity to be baptized. Any of you that know Hayden he's a great kid and a wonderful son. He choose for himself to be baptized in the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints.He has had the chance to write a talk and speak in sacrament meeting and tell of his experience. Hayden has such faith and loves the gospel and enjoys going to church. It was such a wonderful experience for the whole family.He's a blessing to all those who love him and shows a great example of kindness to those he around. Thank you Hayden for all you do as a son. I can't wait to share many more great moments together.

2 C'mon people tell me what you're thinking.:

Jennifer said...

Congratulations to Hayden! He looks SO SO happy in the family picture! So sweet! :)

Nik said...

Rick, That's an awesome picture of you and Hayden!

Jason Bender