Monday, November 16, 2009

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Honey!!! Rick and I celebrated our 6th year this month and headed out to Palm springs! We had a wonderful time together and grew closer as a family. Thank you so much Rick for all you do as a Father and Husband. Every year I spend with you I fall more in love with the man and wonderful father you are. There is never a day that goes by your willing to give all to the children and I. I'm so blessed to have you Thank you for being my RICKY!!!

Aunt Heather WE LOVE YOU!!! Thank you for coming with us your such an amazing person and the kids couldn't live without you!

The pool was so much fun can I say lazy river! That screams Vacation!!! The kids enjoyed the splash pool and Zach is such a water baby...

In Indio they hand a hands on museum for children! We all loved it!